Bradford Minibus Hire

Bradford Self-Drive Minibus hire

The remarkable thing is that we offer the Bradford Self-Drive Minibus hire. Our minimum term for a sefl-drive minibus hire is 4 days.

It is a nice way of saving money on your trip. However, you can only save this money if you have proof of driving experience in the UK, and if you show us that you know the routes, you will be running with our minibuses well. In this self drive system, we can offer all our minibuses, from the 8, to the 10, 12, 14, and 16 Seat Minibuses.

When we charge you for the self-drive minibus, we have charged you for the rental fee and the VAT, UK vehicle insurance and the UK vehicle breakdown cover too.

Before we release our minibuses to you, however, you must be at least 25 years old. You must have a full UK driving license. If you are getting the manual transmission engine cars, then you must have the standard UK car driving license for at least three years.

We don't release our cars to drivers with medical conditions or those on medications. Our self-drive minibuses offered to drivers who drive out of their own volition and can be hired only for social and non-commercial purposes. All our minibuses under the self-drive service must not carry more than 3,500 kg, and they must not be used to tow a trailer without our authorization. Contact us for more information on the self-drive hire.