Minibus Hire Service in Bradford

10-12 Seat Minibus Hire in Bradford

We cover all parts of the UK in our 12 seat minibus in Bradford and we do this with buses of different types from different manufacturers. They come in different models, but all of them are of the most top-notch class and of modern and innovative models. They come with enough compartments for passengers loads.

If you are hiring our 10 -12 seat Mercedes Sprinter, Ford, Audi or Citroen minibuses for any type of trip in the UK, you will enjoy features like improved legroom, large and sometimes tinted windows, reclining seating system that is full of comfort, and an interior air conditioning system. Inside these buses, all the passengers in the front seat, including the driver will enjoy airbags for safety, while the entire passengers will have original seat belts in their seats.

These sizes of Minibuses are best used when you are involved in school group tours, wine tours, international trips, conferences, and for airport transfers.

You will also be driven by a driver that will make the journey easier and more fun filled for you. They are mostly from the cities you are visiting, so they know the things that will determine the success of your trip, and will always go by them. They are properly licensed and registered the same way our minibuses are all properly registered and licensed. The customer service officers that will take your bookings and enquiries are also properly trained in courtesy and friendly approach.

They have 5 doors, and 10 to 12 seats, and normally have 5-speed manual transmissions, with a 2.2 diesel engine. You will also enjoy radio and CD, coupled with DVDs with hands-free.